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BAI Directo is a service with features that allow the Bank's portfolio to be made available, guaranteeing access through a non-face-to-face service channel
Private and Corporate customers, as well as non-BAI customers

To be a BAI client or not and join the service:

  • BAI clients: to fill out the membership contract at an agency.
  • Non clients: to open an online account.

Convenience: You can carry out operations and consult your accounts without having to go to the BAI branch network.

Mobility: You can access the Bank remotely.

Security and Confidentiality: Access by correctly inserting the customer's credentials (membership number or name and password); transactions validation by confirmation code (SMS token), sent directly to the customer's mobile phone;

Simplicity and speed: The instructions and menus for accessing the features have been configured in order to facilitate the use of the services:

Proof verification and download, which can be shared by email and or mobile phone.

Private and Corporate


  • Situation;
  • Account Balance and Transactions;
  • Consultation of Details, Extracts and Financial Plan;
  • Operations History;
  • Transfers;
  • Intrabank and interbank transfers;
  • Transfer History;
  • SMS Banking at 4224.


  • Top-ups;
  • TV, Internet and Telecommunications;
  • Taxes and fees;
  • Public services;
  • Airlines;
  • Housing;
  • Insurance;
  • Teaching;
  • Other services.


  • Balance and Transactions Consultations;
  • Cancellations;
  • Credit
  • Credit Accounts;
  • Credit Transactions;


  • Services;
  • Personal data;
  • Beneficiary Management;
  • Quick access;


  • Password definition;
  • Service Customization (Creating a Membership Name, hiding or making accounts visible and others)

Corporate (extras):

  • Creation of operators
  • Tax payment (DLI);
  • Payment for processing files (PPF).
The functionalities available at  BAI Directo are subject to change, depending on the Bank's regulations, developments and technological limitations.
The BAI Directo service has an activation cost and monthly fees in accordance with the current pricing, however, the operations / services / products available are prone to the current pricing in force at the Bank.

To subscribe: BAI Branch Network and BAI Directo channel (Opening an online account)

For Support: support line through  924 100 100 and by mail:

The Service subscription takes effect from the moment of attribution by the Bank:

  • Membership Number (consisting of 6 digits, it is the Client’s  identification, unique, personal and non-transferable);
  • Access Key (secret, unique, personal and non-transferable number or code, defined by the Bank when joining the Service and mandatorily changed by the Customer after the first access.

The File Processing Service allows the Bank's client companies to make payments to their suppliers and / or employees in an automated and fast way by sending files.

This service’s main advantages are:

  • Flexibility in adapting the tool to the needs of the company;
  • Remote monitoring of account movements via Internet Banking;
  • The beneficiary does not need to have an account domiciled at BAI;
  • No minimum limits are set for processing regardless of the file's input format.