A personalized prepaid card from the Visa network,
which allows you to make debit payments or withdrawals
in Angola and abroad, through early top-ups

You do not pay interests associated with the card
Financial management
Given it is a prepaid card, there is no risk of spending more than your budget
The top-up can be done from home using Direct BAI
Main features
  • Usage limits
    The use of the card is limited to the ceiling assigned to the customer
  • Associated fees
    According to BAI’s price list in force
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  • Simple top-up
    You can top-up your card at any BAI branch, ATM or through Direct BAI
  • Secure
    Your transactions are validated by entering your personal secret code (PIN)
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Have you lost your card?
In case of loss or misplacement of your KAMBA Prepaid Visa Card you must report it immediately.
Call (+244) 222 641 849.
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