BAI Current Account is a deposit in
local currency that can be mobilized
by the client's order at any time.


Easy for you to move your money


Fast and easy account opening process

Debit card
Provided at the moment you open an account

From this account, the customer will have access to the following solutions: 

  • Allows access to the bank's general portfolio of products available; 
  • Moving resources comfortably for any beneficiary (interbank and intrabank transfers);
  • Immediate availability of the Multicaixa Network Debit Card, with national acceptance; availability of a wide range of cards with secure acceptance in Angola and abroad;
  • Access to Direct BAI (BAI Direco): allows the customers’ remote access to the account (s) for which they have the power to individually proceed with their transaction, payment or other operation through a secure page of the Bank;
  • Other financial and electronic solutions, available at the Bank.

Minimum opening amount (individuals):

  • Over the counter: 20.000 Kz (or USD equivalent) 
  • Online: Free (learn more here)

Fees and expenses: 

According to the price list in force.