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questions about é-Kwanza - Agent service.
It is a technological platform that allows the agent to make and maintain customer registration, account unlocking, transfers, deposit and withdrawal of money, conversion of money into electronic money and vice versa, payments for goods and services via web applications and android. The Agent provides services to the customer, as an e-kwanza agent.
No. The Service is available in NC, as for FC, the service is unavailable.
The advantages of the service are:
a) Innovation: Technology (Web) that facilitates and improves the user experience;
b) Flexibility: Conversion of cash into electronic money and vice versa;
c) Convenience: Payment for goods and services with electronic money by mobile phone;
d) Diversification: Providing yet another payment channel, fast, modern and secure for the customer;
e) Security: For the Seller, Agent and Customer for the use of electronic money.

This service is available for BAI customers (private or companies).

  • Being the holder of an identification or legal document that authorizes commercial activity (eg, street vendor card or BAI customer;
  • Having a terminal (Android tablet or smartphone) or computer;
  • Having internet connection (3G-4G or WIFI);
  • Having an e-mail.
The registration of the agent is done at any our branches.
Registration of customers (new users or new agents), payment, purchase and sale of electronic money.
The available operations are:
a) Registration of customers and sellers in the é-Kwanza system;
b) Registration of deposit and withdrawal operations in the é-Kwanza system;
c) Mass payments;
d) User management;
e) Consultation of the transaction history;
f) Account unlocking;
g) Maintenance of customer accounts.
This service has no activation costs.
Yes. According to the table below:
Description Agent
Maximum account balance 18 000 000,00 Kz 
Minimum transaction amount 100,00 Kz 
Maximum transaction / operation amount 300 000,00 Kz 
Maximum transaction amount / day 600 000,00 Kz 
Maximum transaction amount / month 3 000 000,00 Kz 
Maximum transaction amount / year N/A 
Yes. According to the price list in force.
Yes. The customer can become a Seller, however they must change their account from customer to Seller, for that purpose the customer must go to an é-kwanza agent and request a profile change.

You can get more information through: 

a) BAI agencies
b) É-kwanza agents;
c) BAI Direct Hotline (924 100 100);