BAI brand has undergone adjustments over the several
years of existence, in order to reflect its evolution.

The Banco Africano de Investimentos (African Investment Bank ) was born


In 2010, we renewed the name and brand, becoming Banco Angolano de Investimentos (Angolan Investment Bank)

With the implementation of ''Geração BAI'' Program (Generation BAI) our new brand was born

With the implementation of the ‘’Geração BAI’’ (BAI Generation) Program, the need arose to modernize BAI's image, in order to reflect the evolution spawned by this program, whose objective is to offer the best banking experience in the segments we serve.

Thus, our new brand was born:

  • Softer; 
  • With rounder shapes, conveying the image of a younger, more modern, dynamic and closer bank;
  • The new brand comes along with a new signature, which summarizes BAI's solid positioning. A renovated bank, inspired by new dreams, projects, and the desire to go further:
Trust in the Future.