The General Assembly is comprised of all voting right shareholders and deliberates over all matters in which the law and statutes attribute competences. 

It is of the general assembly responsibility to: 

  • Elect and dismiss members of its governing body, including its president; 
  • Deliberate over capital increase; 
  • Approve annual report of each year and analyze the opinion of the Supervisory Board; 
  • Deliberate over application of results; 

The General Assembly meets at the end of the first trimester of each year with the ability to meet in extraordinary events deemed relevant and summoned by the Management Board, the Supervisory Board or when one or more of the shareholders holding more than 5% of the capital requests it, in writing. 

General Assembly decisions are made by overall majority of the present votes, the exception being when decisions require qualified majority. 

General Assembly
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Domingos Lima Viegas
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Alice Maria Trindade Escórcio
Alexandre Morgado Grande
Alexandre Morgado