At BAI, we strive to be a solid institution, with brand awareness, which actively participates in the process of development and growth of the Angolan economy, responding to the challenges and satisfying the financial needs of families and companies in Angola.

To ensure these goals are met, our Mission, Vision and Values are foundational.


Our mission

Add value for shareholders in a sustainable way, by providing an excellent offering to our customers.
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Our vision
To offer the best banking experience to its clients in Angola.
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Our values

At BAI we do business based on our common values. Our success is embodied in our values ​​and these determine our relationships with customers and with different business partners.

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 These are our values: 


Respect is the foundation of our partnerships. We are proud of our trajectory, origins and capacity to overcome.


Acting with integrity is fundamental to building and maintaining trust and good relationships, in addition to ensuring our credibility.


We have an incessant desire to develop new products and services, promote new business models and continuously improve our processes in order to make life easier for customers.

Ethical Conduct:

Aligned with our Code of Conduct, laws and regulations in force, we assume an ethical and responsible posture, following high standards to achieve professional excellence.

Customer orientation:

We focus our attention on the needs of our customers and seek to exceed their expectations with the provision of added value services, flexible and technologically innovative solutions.