Strategy and Business Model

The Bank’s strategy is set on three main pillars: 
  • Core segment; 
  • High potential segment development and new boundary exploration; 
  • Critical support platforms modification. 

These core pillars are divided in 10 strategic initiatives: 

In its fourth year running, the Bank’s current strategic plan, named Geração BAI, has reached meaningful milestones and sustained all the Bank’s transformation process in order to build and then consolidate the best banking experience in Angola
Business model 

BAI has positioned itself as a universal Bank reaching all its clients through a vast network of branches, business service centers and Premium service centers. Aside from its physical presence, BAI has a multichannel communication strategy with its clients with (i) BAI Directo, which includes internet banking, mobile and phone banking and (ii) banking agents. 

BAI has adopted an international expansion strategy focused on Portuguese speaking markets: 

• BAI Europa (BAIE), in Portugal; 
• BAI Cabo Verde (BAICV), in Cabo Verde; 
• Banco Internacional de São Tomé e Príncipe (BISTP), in São Tomé e Príncipe. 

The core business areas of the Financial Group are: 

Commercial Banking 
Meant to raise company and institution segment resources and loan concession operations, including importing financing.

Retail Banking:  
Loan concession to private clients, branch network service, internet banking and in Angolas case, mobile and SMS banking. 

Private Banking
All private and premium client activity.

Investment Banking
Financial consulting and financing solutions including transfer of resources and acquisition of securities.

Correspondent banking services 
Foreign currency payments of provision of services, vostro account management and international markets operations (mainly foreign exchange operations).

Insurance activity and management of group pension funds  
Life and non-life insurance and group pension funds. 

Investment funds management
Collective investment undertakings, trading participation units and investment consultancy.