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questions about Direct Term Deposit.
DP Directo is a financial application available for subscription in Kwanzas, with payment of interest at the end of the period, with guaranteed profitability of the resources invested. Available for new resources and existing resources, exclusively at BAI Directo.
  • Interest rate competitiveness;
  • Security: Guarantee of return on invested capital and payment of interest in arrears;

Note: available only at BAI Directo.

100,000 Kz (One Hundred Thousand Kwanzas)
Yes. Early redemption is permitted with a full interest penalty.
Interest is calculated daily and counted, paid at the end of the subscribed period, by credit to the customer's current account.
Interest is calculated according to the following formula:
I = Capital * Time * Rate / 365 days
On BAI Directo channel, the customer can subscribe to DP Directo, through the following steps:
Term deposits »Constitution» select the product »confirm the pre-defined characteristics of the product« proceed »insert the amount (from 100,000 Kz)» confirm the data and amount »next» completed.