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questions about Multicaixa Debit Card.
It is a card associated with the Current account, which allows its holder to make payments and withdraw amounts in terminals of the Multicaixa network (ATM and TPA), according to the available balance. The validation is carried out by entering the secret personal code (PIN). 
The currency used is the Kwanza (Kz). 
The Multicaixa Debit Card is intended for Private Customers.

The advantages are: 

a) Commodity: It allows you to carry out a wide variety of transactions without the need for the customer to go to the Bank;
b) Security: All transactions are validated by PIN and their use is exclusively electronic;
c) Convenience: The customer does not need to carry cash in banknotes or cheques to make payments;
d) Associated Services:
  • Changing the PIN;
  • Consultation of transactions, IBAN and Balance (at ATMs - ATM and Automatic Payment Terminals - TPA);
  • Copy of the transaction receipt;

 e) Value Added Services:

  • Payment for third-party services: water, electricity, telephone, television, recharges.
  • Personal accident insurance (optional).


Note: The Personal Accident Protection guarantees, up to the contracted limits, the reimbursement of medical and hospital expenses caused by the treatment of bodily injuries suffered by the insured, as well as DEATH or Permanent Disability. Affordable insurance, complement of personal accident insurance and health substitute, in case of accidents. 

Withdrawals Payments Transfers
50.000 Kz N/A 2 000 000 Kz
Deadlines / Cards Customized Deadline
Issuance 15 days
42 hours - Branches with Embossadora
72 hours - Branches without Embossadora
Valid 5 years -
Just a document that identifies the cardholder.