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It is a credit with the aim of empowering small peasants, farmers and service providers in related areas, covering the needs of the entire production chain, thus guaranteeing the satisfactory production and marketing of their products.

Individuals, sole proprietorships and limited companies, cooperatives and companies.

The currency used is the Kwanza (Kz).

The amount to be financed is up to Kz 75 000 000,00 (Fifty Million Kwanzas), depending on the assessment of the client's risk profile, per operation.

In a 1st phase: Kz 2 500 000 000,00 (Two Billion and Five Hundred Thousand Kwanzas) and in a 2nd phase: Kz 2 500 000 000,00 (Two Billion and Five Hundred Thousand Kwanzas), only activated after the exhaustion and the evaluation of the execution of the 1st phase.

The term depends on the sector of activity or production chain.

The interest rate is 7.5% per year.
No, the cost is 7.5% per year, including fees and expenses.

Up to 15 (fifteen) business days. 

  • Facility in the acquisition of equipment, machinery, inputs, fertilizers and other agricultural needs;
  • Speed ​​in the credit approval process.
  • Being a Bank customer for at least 6 (six) months;
  • Not having any defaults in CIRC in the last 3 years (promoters, company and guarantors).
  • General
    • Letter of request for financing;
    • Deed of land concession;
    • Copy of the applicant’s and spouse’s valid Identity Card;
    • Updated curriculum vitae of managers and technical staff (applicable to companies / cooperatives);
    • Licenses, permits or other mandatory approvals for the exercise of the updated activity (applicable to companies / cooperatives in operation);
    • Business plan (spreadsheet provided by the bank where the client must fill in the prerequisites, applicable to companies / cooperatives in operation).
  • Natural persons
    • Negative tax certificate (if applicable);
    • Agricultural registration certificate issued by the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Agrário (IDA).
  • Cooperatives
    • Public deed of incorporation published in Diário da República; 
    • Copy of the cooperative directors’ and spouses’ valid Identity Card;
    • Statute of the cooperative.
  • Mortgage guarantee, with irrevocable power of attorney for the cultivation area;
  • Pledge of goods or goods stock properly insured;
  • Ownership reservation of the rolling stock (trucks, tractors, etc).
  • Co-participation of 10% of the client, in liquidity applied demonstrably to the project in the case of natural persons, sole proprietorship and private limited companies.