The Exchange Indexing Fund aims to safeguard
the portfolio from an eventual devaluation of the
Kwanza against the US Dollar over a period of 1 year.

Professional management
Your investment will be managed by professionals specialized in the capital market

Make your savings pay off

Protect your assets from the kwanza depreciation

The Special Fund for Investment in Closed Securities, “BAI Exchange Indexing”, whose registration was approved by the Capital Market Commission, which aims to safeguard your investment portfolio from a possible devaluation of the Kwanza against the US Dollar, for a period 2 (two) years.

The Fund will have a maximum amount of Kz 5 000 000 000 (five billion Kwanzas). As it is a closed Fund, it does not allow early redemptions or subscriptions outside the stipulated subscription period, with reimbursement occurring on the Fund's settlement date.

The Fund's investment policy determines that its assets will be invested in securities issued or guaranteed by the Angolan State, indexed to the US Dollar. As an accessory, the Fund may invest in bank deposits, treasury bills and bonds issued or guaranteed by the Angolan State.

The Fund's subscription period started on 5 August and will end on 13 September 2019. Its activity will start on 18 September 2019 and end on 18 September 2021. During the subscription period, interested investors must complete the “subscription form”, in a minimum amount of AOA 500 000.00 (five hundred thousand Kwanzas), with no fees or charges on the subscribed amount.

UP Value*

Value: 1.763,51 Kz
Date: August 12th, 2021

*Participation Unit