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BAI ABS are fixed income assets issued by BAI and are the ideal option for Customers looking for safe investments at attractive rates.
In Kwanzas (Kz), United States Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR).
Private Customers and Companies.
2,500,000 Kz or the equivalent in FC.
The advantages are:
  • Competitive interest rate;
  • Profitability higher than that normally practiced in Term Deposits.
Currency 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Kwanza (Kz) 9% 11,25% 13%
Dollar (USD) 2,30% 2,90% 3%
Euro (Eur) 1,10% 1,30% 1,80%

  • Terms with less than 90 days require no payment of accrued interest.
  • To receive interest for the period you are in, you must always complete the respective quarter. If the redemption is in the first period (3 months), it does not receive interest, it only receives the Capital applied, since in this case there is no previous period.
Interest is calculated using the following formula:

         I = Capital * Time * Rate / 365 days
I = Capital * Time * Rate / 360 days
I = Capital * Time * Rate / 360 days

Example - 90 days: 25,000 USD x 90 x 2.30% / 360 = 143.75 USD

Interest on NC is based on BNA laws for TBC’s and interest on FC is based on international regulatory laws.
Interest is paid at the end of each period, by crediting the Customer’s Current Account.
Yes, there are. Taxes on capital investment (IAC), according to the tax legislation in force.
Reinforcement is not allowed.
Branches, Dependencies and Corporate Service Centers.
The capital is repaid on the investment's maturity date.