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The BAI Youth Account is a savings account for young people up to the age of 17, which, in addition to guaranteeing future plans, encourages the creation of savings.
Children aged 0 to 17, duly registered and with valid documentation.
  • Take care of the child's future: with the BAI youth account, when the beneficiary reaches the majority, he / she can buy a car, own housing or professional training that will boost the beginning of a prosperous adult life;
  • Competitive interest rates;
  • Redemptions are allowed, after 24 months of constitution, for any unforeseen event;
  • Additional reinforcements are allowed, which can be carried out by permanent instruction or
  • punctually;
  • Accounts without expenses: Current accounts associated with the BAI Youth Account are exempt from Monthly Maintenance Expenses;
  • Interest capitalization is allowed.
Subscription to the BAI Youth account must be made by the subscriber and 2nd account holder (person of legal age) on behalf of the beneficiary (person of legal age), regardless of the degree of relationship between them.
The current model is 010-159 BAI Youth account Membership Agreement. Before signing the contract, the customer must have access to the Informative Technical Sheet with the product characteristics. The Informative Technical Sheet serves as an attachment to the Contract. The customer must fill out the form for opening an individual account MOD.010-124.
  • Photocopy of the Beneficiary's Card, Passport or Identity Card;
  • Beneficiary's photograph;
  • Photocopy of the Subscriber's Identity Card (2nd Holder);
The amount is 30,000 Kz (Thirty Thousand Kwanzas) or equivalent in Foreign Currency (FC).
Currency sales are not permitted for the purpose of constituting or strengthening the BAI Youth Account in USD. Only Customers with their own funds in USD may constitute the application and make reinforcements in USD.
  • Additional reinforcements are allowed;
  • Reinforcements must be carried out by permanent instruction or punctual transfer or by direct deposits to the beneficiary's account.
Minimum reinforcements for the BAI youth account are mandatory and must be done through a permanent transfer order at the time of constitution, and the client must provision the account for the purpose (overdrafts are not allowed). In the case of operations pending for a period of three months, the customer must be notified.
Interest will be calculated monthly and paid annually to the associated Current Account. The customer will be able to choose the annual capitalization of interest on savings.
Redemptions are allowed in the following ways:
  • For redemptions (total or partial) that occurred after 24 months of constitution (after settlement of the second interest period) there is no penalty;
  • Early redemptions prior to 24 months have total interest penalty;
Force majeure is not applicable, the customer can move the account whenever they wish, however, within a period prior to 24 months, they will be subject to interest penalty.

In these cases, the Beneficiary must go to the branch to fill out and sign the Account Opening Form and other documentation, so that, from this moment on, they can operate the current account.

Note: For minors who have subscribed at age 17, the application will expire when they are 19 years old.

  • Subscription is made by the subscriber (Individual of legal age - 2nd Holder);
  • The BAI Youth Account is created in the name of the Beneficiary (Individual underage - 1st Holder);
  • In the act of subscription, as the Beneficiary is a minor, the Contract for Subscription to the BAI Youth account must be filled out and signed by the subscriber

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