A service that allows companies to make multiple
payments at once, in an automated and fast way,
by sending files, through debit authorization.

Choose the appropriate processing format for your company's accounting
Integrated reports in real time response and file loading by IB without the need to go to the counter
Remote monitoring of account movements by Direct BAI or by bank statement

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    The Mass Payment Service allows the Bank's client companies to make several payments at once, in an automated and fast way, by sending files through debit authorization (DDC). 


    Note: This service includes wage and supplier payments. 


    • Minimum payment limits are not defined regardless of format or channel; 

    • Beneficiaries do not need to have an account domiciled at BAI; 

    • Integrated real-time response reports; 

    • File upload by IB (PS2 and PSX formats), without the need to go to the branch; 

    • Remote monitoring of account movements via Internet Banking (IB) or by statement; 

    • Choose the processing format suitable for the company's accounting. 


    The payment currency is the Kwanza (Kz). 

    • No limits are defined. The Bank processes the files requested by the client, except for the limits and procedures in force at the Bank applicable to operations carried out via STC and SPTR;

    • No limits are defined for the number of beneficiaries. 


    Note: Overdrafts are not allowed. The originating account must be provisioned for the debit and if the account is not provisioned, the Bank sends a response file for pending payments. The originating account must have the same currency as the destination account. 


    File Type Reception Channel Reception Channel
    PSX Inter e Intrabank DEI, DBR, IB and EMIS
    PS2 Intrabank (account to account) DEI, DBR, IB (Internet Banking)
    Inter e Intrabank
    Note: The Branch must convert the file to PS2 or PSX DEI and DBR 
    DEI and DBR

    a) Interbank Processing:
    • Files delivered by the customer in Excel format are converted by the Branch to PS2 or PSX, for uploading to the File Processing Platform (PPF); 
    • Foreign currency transactions must be sent to the Bank in separate files. 


    b) Form of Processing: This be the one contracted by the customer, and the following movements may be reflected in the Bank statement and in the system:
    • One (1) debit and several credits;
    • Multiple debits and multiple credits. 


    Note: If there are errors in the files, constraints in the beneficiaries' accounts and / or lack of provisions, there may be differences between the order given by the customer and the one processed by the Bank (without difference in what is actually debited and credited). These occurrences are subject to contractual acceptance by the client. 

    Fees are subject to the pricing in force at all times and made public by the Bank. The Bank may modify its price list by publishing it with new conditions at its branches. The new conditions will be applied immediately. In case the Company does not accept the new conditions, it may ask the Bank in writing to terminate the Contract. 

    Branches, Dependencies, Corporate Service Centers and BAI Directo. 


    1. Through BAI Directo (Internet Banking) the customer, after joining the service, can create, send and consult PS2 and PSX files for the processing of mass transfers in the PPF application;
    2. Access keys to the Internet Banking channel replace the formal request to the Bank.

      • Being a BAI customer; 

      • Having the files with the format required by the Bank (Excel, PS2 or PSX); 

      • Joining the BAI Directo service (for Customers who want to create, send and consult PS2 and PSX files for processing mass transfers in the PPF application). 

      Letter of request stating: 

      • Account and total amount to be debited; 
      • Beneficiaries; 
      • Accounts and amount to be credited to each Beneficiary's account. 
      • The file name must obey the following format:
          • EEEEEEEEEE - Company code defined by the Client in the contract, to be inserted in Banka;
          • YYYY - Year;
          • MM - Month;
          • DD - Day;
          • S - Sequence of files sent on the day, by the customer. 
      • Files can be sent to Managers by email, Pen-Drive, via EMIS or uploaded by the Customer via Internet Banking; 
      • Files sent by customers must have the following fields: 

      Intrabank Operations

      Intrabank Operations 


      Excel (to convert to PS2) or PSX

      Excel (to convert to PSX) or PSX

      1. Reference
      2. Destination NIB
      3. Type of Operation
      4. Account status
      5. NIB
      6. Importance (Value)
      7. Extract reference

      1. Reference
      2. Destination NIB
      3. Importance (Value)
      1. Order Number
      2. Beneficiary's account number
      3. NIB
      4. Name of the beneficiary's Bank
      5. BIC Code of the beneficiary's bank
      6. City
      7. Country
      8. Importance (Value)
      9. Value

        Files can be delivered in:
        •  Pen Drives
        • CD-RW 

        The Company must confirm the remittance of the Instruction in writing, by letter, with the following essential elements: Account, total to be transferred, beneficiaries, amounts to be credited to the respective accounts, among other data that may be necessary for the success of the operation. The letter must be accompanied by the required magnetic support, with the specifications according to the type of processing required, subscribed with the authorized signatures, as stated in the Bank's system. 


        Note: If the instructions are transmitted by BAI Directo, the access keys to the Internet Banking channel replace the formal request to the Bank. 

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