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The Treasury Facility Credit is a credit to support the payment of companies' current expenses.

It is aimed at Corporate Customers, with priorities in the following sectors: productive; health; domestic trade; catering; gas stations; private education institutions and support services to the productive sector. 

Coverage of expenses resulting from the company's activity, such as salaries, stock replenishment, import expenses and / or financing of letters of credit. 

The maximum amount to be granted is negotiable depending on the risk of the operation and analysis of the company's performance at the Bank. 

❑ Being a BAI Customer for at least six (6) months; 

❑ Positive assessment of the company's risk profile 

❑ Consignment of revenues corresponding to a monthly minimum equivalent to 33% of ease. 



    ❑ Letter of credit application, including at least: 

    1. a) the amount requested;
    2. b) the purpose of the credit;
    3. c) the intended term;
    4. d) the guarantees one can offer the Bank;
    5. e) explanation of the source of the cash flows necessary to settle the requested funding;
    6. f) statement: “I declare that I know the content of article 11 of Law no. 3/14, of 10 February - Law criminalizing the offenses regarding money laundering and terrorist financing".


    ❑ Certificate of commercial registration with a maximum seniority of 3 (three) months; 

    ❑ Supporting documents according to the purpose of the overdraft. 


    Tax situation 

    ❑ Negative certificate with a validity period of 3 months; 

    ❑ Model declaration 1 or 2 from the last tax year. 


    Financial information 

    ❑ Reports and accounts of the last two years signed by the TOC and management; 

    ❑ Opinion of the external auditor if the company complies with the requirements established by law (in Decree No. 38/00 (art.1) and Presidential Decree No. 147/13 - Major contributors); 

    ❑ Extract from the minutes of the General Meeting approving the reports and accounts of the two past years; if there are no audited report and accounts; 

    ❑ General analytical balance sheet for the last two financial years or financial statements 

    forecast to date; 

    ❑ Most recent analytical balance sheet for the current year; 

    ❑ Real and estimated 12-month treasury map. 


    Public procurement (Law No. 9/16 of 16 June) (if applicable) 

    ❑ Contract approved by the competent body with the Court of Auditors' permit in accordance  with the law.  


    Note: law approving the OGE (General State Budget) of the year in reference to the contract. 

    One or more guarantees should be considered, according to their sufficiency and the perceived risk of the operation: 

    ❑ Blank promissory note, signed by the company and endorsed by the partners (and married spouses in communion of acquired goods) 

    ❑ Property mortgage (Documentation required): 

    1. Certificate from the Land Registry Office with a maximum seniority of 3 (three) months;
    2. Proof of payment of the IPU of the last year;
    3. Evaluation report issued by a CMC certified entity with a maximum seniority of 1 year


    ❑ Pledge of financial investment in the Bank;  

    ❑ Pledge of equipment or stock of goods properly insured (respective identification with evidence of the value on company letterhead). 


    Note: if the guarantee indicated does not appear in those listed, complementary documentation will be indicated by the Bank. 

    ❑ Term of capital and interest repayment up to 12 months from the date of disbursement; 

    ❑ Grace period and initial interest up to 2 (two) months. 

    ❑ Up to 12 installments depending on the frequency negotiated with the client. 

    The interest rate is fixed and is defined according to the term and the reference index, plus a spread of 1 to 3%, according to the perceived risk (Luibor 1 month to 6 months). 

    According to the current BAI Operations Price List in force. 

    The effort rate corresponds to the percentage of net income (in this case the salary) destined to the payment of the credit installment (or credits). The Bank must take into account other responsibilities that the interested party may have at BAI or other financial institutions. The effort rate is calculated according to the formula:  

    Effort rate = (Monthly financial charges / Income) x 100 

    Ex: ( Credit Installment (s) 500 / Net Salary 2000) / 100 = Effort rate 33.3 

    It will be made available directly to the Beneficiary’s current account. 


      Yes, there are. According to the current BAI Operations Price List in force. 

      The service channel is the account domiciliation desk. 

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