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BAI Business Card is a credit card aimed at companies and institutions, it allows the purchase of goods and services in VISA network commercial establishments in Angola and abroad, giving its holders all the convenience and power necessary in trips and representations.

    The access conditions are: 

    • Being a bank customer for at least six (6) months;
    • Filling out and signing the membership agreement for the Business card.

    The documents required are: 

    •  Request letter stating: 
      • Goal;
      • Amount;
      • Credit guarantee to be offered; 
    • Express mention of prior debit authorization for any of the customer’s accounts domiciled in the bank to cover the costs associated with the cards requested. 
    •  Employee registration form filled with the following information: 
      • Full name;
      • Ceiling to be assigned;
      • Copy of BI;
      • Name to be inserted on the card (maximum 21 characters including space and academic title).

    The ceiling is approved by the credit committee according to the echelon and to the analysis of the company's performance, of the guarantees presented. 

    The ceiling is ascribed according to the company's orientation / indication. 

    Regardless of the company, the maximum card limit is 5 000 000 Kz (five million Kwanzas) and a minimum of 500 000 Kz (five hundred thousand Kwanzas). 

    Description Amount (Kz) Number of uses


    141 000 Kz



    450 000 Kz


    Internet Shopping

    450 000 Kz


    Automatic Payment Terminal (TPA)

    4 500 000 Kz


    • The capital will be repaid in accordance with the contract, with monthly payment on the uses made; 
    • The period between the date the customer uses the card and the date of payment of the statement may be up to 55 (fifty-five) days. 


      1. The deadlines are: 

        ❑ Approval: 48 hours; 

        ❑ Issue and availability at the branch: 18 working days after approval (luanda); 23 working days after approval (other provinces). 

      The card is valid for three (3) years.

      Yes. The activation of the cards must be done only by the company / institution, by means of a letter sent to BAI (Account domiciliation Branch). 

      The advantages of the VISA Business Credit card are: 

      • Financial control:Withdrawals and payments up to the credit limit, allowing you to have better control over your expenses;
      • Administrative control:Generation of detailed reports of all transactions carried out, with date, place of purchase and amount spent. With the issuance of the monthly statement, the payment is concentrated on a single day of the month, allowing a better organization of expenses;
      • Grace Period:For the amortization of credit, BAI offers a grace period of up to fifty-five (55) days for the first cycle, whereas in subsequent cycles the grace period is 25 days from the date of issuing the statement, which may vary according to the percentage of the balance payable by the Client;
      • Security:In case of loss, theft or misplacement of the card, the customer can request the card lock and the company must address to BAI (Account domiciliation branch) a letter to formalize the user's request (employee)
      • Cash Advance:Cash withdrawals in Angola and abroad at ATMs and bank branches of the VISA network;
      • Value-added services:


      ➢ Electronic Statement: The statement will be sent only to the customer (Company or Institution), who should make it known to the beneficiary (ies) obtaining from him the approval or rejection of the operations and accounted values, and so proceed with BAI to any effect. 


      ➢ One Time Password (OTP): Internet purchase authentication code for pages verified by VISA. The OTP is requested on the online shopping website itself, where the customer chooses how to receive the code (email or SMS). 


      ➢ VBV (Buyer Authentication Service): Security technology for internet purchases for both buyer and seller. 


      ➢ CVV (Card Verification Value Code): authentication code established by credit card companies, to reduce fraudulent card usage and maximize the security of Internet transactions. 

      It consists of the last 3 digits and you can find them on the back of the card. 


      ➢ Associated Services: 

      • Electronic Statement:Monthly statements to the company; 
      • One Time Password (OTP):Authentication Code for Internet purchase for pages verified by VISA; 
      • VISA Call Center Service (VCCS):access to VISA's Call Center service; 
      • Verified by VISA (VBV):security technology for internet purchases, for both buyer and seller. 


       The customer has 3 (three) options: 

      • To inform the Bank immediately, sending an email to, so that your account is immediately blocked. 
      • To ask at the domicile Branch. 
      • To call the visa helpline. 

      In credit products, VAT has replaced stamp duty. Previously,  0.7% were charged in fees in price lists, now 14% VAT will be charged. 

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