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TThe Automatic Payment Terminal Service (ATP) is a solution that allows merchants, through registered equipment, to receive payments by bank cards, by means of electronic authentication of the operation (typing in the secret code) and the issue of receipts with information on the transaction data.
  • Economy: Terminal installation free os costs *;
  • Greater security: Less cash, less risk of loss, theft, loss os values, as weel as acceptance of counterfeit bills;
  • Freater convenience: payments made with a card are transferred electronically and automatically to the customer's account, avoiding travel to the Bank to make deposits;
  • Offer Diversification: the ATP offers payment transactions for consumer goods and services;
  • Profitability: commission ** for the merchant in each Top-up, Payment of Services, Phone top-up, carried out by bank card holders;
  • Usefulness: Facilitates payments to customers (consumer) and boosts sales.


* The terminal is owned by the Bank;
** Earnings and commissions as per the pricing in force and EMIS table

Kwanza (Kz).

Note: Regardless of the currency of the customer's current account, all transactions are processed in Kz

  • Payments;
  • Returns;
  • Consultations: balances, transactions and payments; Payments: insurance; top-ups; invoices and payments for various services.
Companies (Corporate and SME ́s) and Individual Traders.
Note: Requests to join automatic payment terminals are subject to Management's validation. After joining, customers will be included in a quarterly monitoring program. If there are no closings of a value equal to or greater than monthly invoicing, the terminals will be collected and the contract terminated

Payments for goods and services are made by electronic funds transfer to the customer's account associated with the ATP.

  • Analysis and decision limit: 24 hours;
  • Terminal delivery limit:
  • Luanda: Two (2) working days, after formalization;
  • Rest of the country: Four (4) working days, after formalization.
BAI Branches network and Banking Correspondents.
  • To be a BAI customer;
  • Positive commercial and technocal opinion.
  • Requested Letter;
  • Taxpayer Card;
  • Documentation of the Account Subscrivers.