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The BAI IndividualCurrent Account is a deposit in National Currency (NC) that can be mobilized by the client at any time. With this account, the holder (s) can move their resources securely, flexibly and still have access to BAI's products and services.

The deposit must be made in National Currency (NC).

There is only a minimum amount, namely:

Agency Non-presencial channel (BAI Directo) On-site channel (agencies)
Amount 0 Kz 20.000 kz

According to the price list in force.

Any legal person, under public or private law, who wants to maintain a relationship with the Bank and have access to a range of products and services available at BAI.

Access to the following solutions:

  1. Bank transfers: handling resources in a convenient way for any beneficiary (inter and intra bank transfers);
  2. Bank statements: upon request, the Bank issues account and equity statements for better control;
  3. Multicaixa Card: immediate and free availability of the Multicaixa network Debit Card, with national acceptance;
  4. Term deposits: we offer a range of term deposits, with competitive rates and secure conditions, aimed at making the most of its beneficiary's savings;
  5. Access to BAI Directo:
    • Internet Banking: a BAI Directo channel service that allows customers to access their accounts remotely, for consultations and transactions over the internet, from a computer, through a secure bank page;
    • • Mobile Banking: BAI Directo channel service with features that allow the Bank's offer (services and products) to be made available via mobile phone.
  6. Opening an online account: an alternative that allows the client to open an account instantly, using the BAI Directo app or via the institutional portal, with immediate access to the main features of Internet Banking and / or Mobile Banking;
  7. Other financial and electronic solutions, available at the Bank.

Note:  Except accounts in a maintenance status (online or in person opening).

    • Identity Card, Resident Card or Refugee Card, for exchange residents, and non-exchange residents of Angolan nationality;
    • Passport with a valid permanence visa, for non-foreign exchange residents of other nationalities(not applicable to opening online);
    • Tax Identification Card (TIN) or provisional document;
    • 1 (One) color passport photo;
    • Last pay slip or declaration from the employer referring to the function he / she performs and the income he / she receives (Employee);
    • Proof of Enrollment or Statement from the Educational Institution (Students);
    • Appointment order (Public Office Holders);
    • IEnrollment in Professional Orders or Professional Certificate (Liberal Professionals);
    • Proof of income source (in any other case).
    1. The opening of refugee citizens' accounts must be valid by the Compliance Board;
    2. When opening the online account, the identification document (ID) and the TIN (NIF) will be submitted for validation in the BAI Directo application and the other documents must be presented, in the process of maintaining customer data (up to 30 days from the account opening date);
    3. Client’s address: If the information about the address is not available in the identification document presented or differs from the current address, the Client must present a Certificate of residence, invoice referring to the payment of water, electricity or telephone bill or an Address Confirmation Statement;
    4. Add supporting documentation (evidence) on income other than salary;
    5. Official Dispatchers (who exercise individually) must present the following documentation:
      • Official Dispatcher Card;
      • Tax Identification Card or provisional document;
      • Copy of the membership card of the Chamber of Official Dispatchers (because according to article 8 of the Statutes of the Chamber of Official Dispatchers of Angola, all official dispatchers are required to register as members);
      • Identity Card (national);
      • Resident Card and Passport (for foreigners), with proof of authorization to stay in Angola;
      • One (1) color passport photo of the holder (not applicable to online opening).
    6. Individual traders must provide the following documentation:
      • Certificate of Commercial Registration;
      • Tax Identification Card or provisional document;
      • Identity Card (national);
      • Resident card (for foreigners);
      • One (1) color passport photo of the holder (Not applicable to opening an online account).
    • Being over 18 years old;
    • Having the minimum amount for opening an account (not applicable to opening online);
    • Opening an online account, available exclusively to customers with Angolan citizenship.
    • Individual Account Opening Form;
    • Particular and General Conditions for Opening an Account;
    • Effective Address Confirmation Statement, when applicable;
    • Non-American beneficial owner status certificate;
    • Certification and Identification of the Tax Identification Number (W-9).
    • The individual account is made up of a single holder and may be a natural or legal person;
    • The collective account is made up of two or more holders, which may be natural or legal persons.
    • Salary Account is an account for receiving the salary;
    • Bank Correspondent NC current account is a deposit that can be mobilized by the customer’s order. It is an account opened by the customer at a BAI Banking Correspondent’s (BC) service point.
    The account can be operated by cheque or any other legal means admitted by the Bank, namely a card with access to the account or BAI Directo.

    On-site Channel (Branch):

    Handling conditions:

    Accounts with completed opening process:

    a) Allows credit and debit transactions, without restrictions:
        • Credit transactions: Entries of funds in the customer's account, through cash deposits, cheques (available after good collection) and transfers;
        • Debit transactions: Cash withdrawals, payment orders, transfers and payments by card or other payment methods authorized by the Bank;
        • Information on credit and debit movements of the current account is made available to the customer through the issuance of statements, upon request, or other electronic instruments;
        • The movement of accounts by any means is subject to compliance with the legislation in force and the availability of the Bank's treasury.
    Accounts with unfinished opening process (maintenance status):
    Online opening :
      • Allows credit and debit transactions, with the following restrictions, until the completion of the account opening process at the Branch:
        • Credit transactions: Cash inflows in the customer's account, by cash deposits and transfers up to 10 million Kz monthly.
        • Debit transactions: up to 200,000 Kz (Two Hundred Thousand Kwanzas) per day, exclusively at BAI Directo.
      • Accounts opened online have up to 30 days to complete the process of opening at the Branch, to switch to the normal component, with no movement restrictions;
      • Debit movements of the online account are restricted to intra-bank transfers, until the completion of the account opening process at the Branch;
      • Accounts opened online do not allow movement with cards, until the maintenance process is completed.
    b) On-site opening:
        • Allows credit transactions, without restrictions;
        • It does not allow debit movements until the maintenance process is completed.

      The movement of accounts by any means is subject to compliance with the legislation in force and availability of the Bank's treasury, namely:

      • Solidary account: An account created in all signatories’ names, who declare and recognize the solidary holders for all legal purposes. The solidary account can be operated by debit by any of the signatories without the prior authorization of the others, the Bank being exempt from any responsibility in this operation;
      • Joint account: An account created in all signatories’ names, in which joint owners are declared and recognized jointly for all purposes. Debit movements can only be carried out by the simultaneous intervention of all holders.
      • The Bank may at any time and by unilateral decision, proceed to the extinction of the account by giving prior notice to the Client and requiring the return of cheque forms and other means of payment held by the account holders.
      • At the end of the notice period and if the customer has not yet collected the account balance to be extinguished, the Bank will send  a bank check of that amount.
      • AAfter the account is terminated, no orders will be executed and all amounts withdrawn or domiciled in this account, namely checks, will be returned.
      • The Bank may at any time and by unilateral decision, immediately terminate the account upon resolution with just cause, with effects described in the previous paragraphs.
      • For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, immediate termination for just cause is considered, among others, the situations of accounts that, after being considered dormant, do not have any type of debit or credit movement for a period of twelve months thereafter.
      • The account is considered dormant when, for a period of twelve months, they have not any type of debit or credit transaction. 

      In order to carry out a deposit or withdrawal operation (amounting to 1,500,000 KZ or more or equivalent in other currencies), a compliance test is required, based on the customer's risk profile, considering the following;

      • The MOD. 010‐068 filled and signed and / or supporting documentation;
      • The conformity of the operation with the type of activity and the customer's income level;
      • The history of the client's account movements;
      • Suspicious money laundering and / or terrorist financing operations must be reported to the GCL and this in turn must report to the competent authorities.

      With the entry into force of VAT, some items have been replaced by VAT, namely, Stamp Duty, in which 0.7% VAT was previously charged and now it is 14%, however there are items in which the stamp duty remains (Maintenance and inactive accounts fee).

      The account is considered dormant when for a period of 12 consecutive months there is no debit or credit movement.