A card associated with the current account,
which allows you to make payments or withdrawals
at any terminal in the Multicaixa network

No cquisition cost
Perform your day-to-day operations without having to go to the bank
PIN-validated transactions and their use is electronic
Multicaixa Debit Card:
Main features
  • No annual fee
    The card has no annual fee and no additional costs
  • Convenient
    Make major transactions without going to your bank
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  • Utilities payment
    Conveniently pay for your utilities : water, electricity, telephone, television and recharges
  • Secure
    Your transactions are validated by entering your personal secret code (PIN)
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Have you lost your card?
In case of loss or misplacement of your Multicaixa Debit Card you must report it immediately.
Call (+244) 222 641 849.
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