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It is a low-risk financial investment, in which the depositor undertakes not to make early mobilization, with the consideration of interest income according to the time and the fixed amount.
 Kwanzas (Kz) and United States Dollars (USD).
The advantages are:
  • Accessibility of the constitution value;
  • It allows redemptions without penalty of interests.

Minimum of Kz 50.000,00/ USD 500,00.

Currency 1 Month 2 Months
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
Kwanza (Kz) 5,00% 6,00%
Dollar (USD)

Yes, early redemptions are allowed without penalty. Interest paid will correspond to the period in which the investment was made.
Interest is calculated daily and counted, paid at the end of each month, by credit to the customer's current account. Interest is calculated according to the following formula:
I = Capital * Time * Rate / 365 days
Yes, monthly increments are allowed and capitalized, following the counting of interest on the new capital.
The entire branch network and BAI Directo.
  • In all channels, the customer must choose the term and have the minimum subscription amount available;
  • At branches and CAEs, the customer must complete the ‘’Modelo Pedidos Diversos’’ - Mod. 010-075 and specify in the model the product and the amount to be subscribed;
  • Through BAI Directo the customer can join the Term Deposit, through the following path: Term Deposits / Constitution / Select the product / Choose the term with the respective interest rate / insert the amount taking into account the minimum amount / accept the general conditions / confirm the data / validate the constitution and the term deposit will be constituted. You can view it on your BAI Directo.

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