Special investment fund in closed securities.
It aims to provide participants with the possibility
of diversifying their investment portfolio.

Professional management

Your investment will be managed by professionals specialized in the capital market

Low risk

Minimum subscription:
10.000 Kz
Garanteed net profit of at
least 18%

Indicated for investors with a conservative risk profile, who privilege the preservation of capital and a return higher than those provided by traditional investments (deposits) and who have the capacity to have the investment for a period of up to 1 (one) year.

The Fund is marketed in person on the BAI Premium Network, and it is mandatory to have a bank account open with the bank and read the full prospectus in order to understand and accept the characteristics and risks associated with the investment.

UP Value

Value: 1.208,6040 Kz
Date: September 23th, 2020

*Participation Unit