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It is a long-term loan for the acquisition or construction of own housing.

a) Acquisition of a property for permanent own housing;

b) Interest rate offered by BAI compatible with the rates offered in the market.

Up to 90% of the value of the property, with a minimum contribution of 10% with own funds being mandatory.
  • Acquisition: up to 90% with presentation of the purchase and sale agreement and 10% upon presentation of the property delivery term;
  • Construction: up to 90% for measuring acts and 10% upon presentation of the property's delivery term; 
Luibor 12 months + spread of 0.5% per year.
  • Being a BAI Customer for at least 6 (six) months;
  • Having a salary domiciled at BAI for at least 3 (three) months;
  • Legal-employment relationship with an employer (public or private) for at least 6 (six) months confirmed with the existence of an Indeterminate Contract;
  • Letter of credit request(1);
  • Photocopy of the identity card(2);
  • Photocopy of the taxpayer card;
  • Salary consignment statement;
  • Updated residence certificate or Address Confirmation Statement(3).

Property documentation:


  • Valuation report of the property to be purchased (mandatory at the time of the concession), and updated every 2 years for properties over 100 million KZ;
  • Pre-contract agreement for the property;
  • Updated property registration certificate, mentioning the detachment of the property to be purchased(4);
  • Declaration of termination of the contractual position issued by the owner of the Property(5);


  • Land registration certificate mentioning the disengagement of the land(4);
  • Work permit;
  • Architectural project;
  • Construction budget;
  • Construction contract;
  • Construction inspection contract.

Note 1: The application letter must mention: the type of credit; purpose; the amount; the credit guarantees to be offered;

Note 2: If the applicant is married (a) under the regime of communion of acquired goods and / or there is co-participation by the spouse, he / she must attach: marriage certificate or statement of union; declaration of consent of the spouse; income statements; photocopy of identity card; photocopy of the taxpayer card.

Note 3: The address confirmation statement must be completed only if: the customer does not provide proof of the current address (proof of residence, water, electricity or telephone bill); or the address indicated on the identification document does not correspond to the customer's current address (one must attach the copy of the declarant's identification document and proof of residence to the address confirmation statement and fill out the account opening form to update the data.

Note 4: If the property is not registered in the name of the applicant, they must add the documentation of the owner and spouse or the documentation of the real estate agent and their legal representatives (updated company commercial certificate; company TIN; ID and TIN of legal representatives).

Note 5: A Declaration of termination of the contractual position must be submitted in cases where the properties are owned by third parties that are not part of the purchase and sale agreement.

  • Mortgage on the property;
  • Life insurance (during the term of the credit);
  • Multi-risk home insurance (during the term of the credit);
  • Domiciliation of wages.
The Bank will debit the monthly installments of capital and interest, directly from the Client's current account, according to the debit authorization granted by them in the respective contract.
Yes, there are. According to the current BAI Operations Price List in force.

In credit products, VAT came to replace Stamp Duty. Previously 0.1% was charged in fees from the price list, and 0.7% if there was no intention of purchasing property, now 14% VAT will be charged.

Up to 35% of the monthly base salary earned by the client.

The effort rate corresponds to the percentage of the net income (in this case the salary) destined to the payment of the credit installment (or credits). The Bank must take into account other responsibilities that the interested party may have at BAI or other financial institutions. The effort rate is calculated according to the formula::

Effort rate = (Monthly financial charges / Income) x 100.

Ex: (Credit installment (s) 500 / Net salary 2000) / 100 = Effort rate 33.3

Account domiciliation desk.

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