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It is a type of compensated loan, which allows customers holding applications in BAI to have funds without having to mobilize the applications that are in progress.

Private customers with applications at BAI.

Availability of funds in less than 48 (forty-eight) hours;

Continuity of investments or personal expenses in a safe and low cost.

Up to the amount of the financial investment.

  • Being a BAI customer; 
  • The beneficiary must have a financial investment in BAI in national or foreign currency (Term Deposit or TGBs).
  • Letter of application;
  • Photocopy of the identity card;
  • Photocopy of the taxpayer card;
  • Negative tax certificate.

According to the current BAI Operations Price List in force.

In credit products, VAT has replaced stamp duty. Previously, 0.7% were charged in fees in price lists, now 14% VAT will be charged.

Maximum 48 (forty eight) hours.

It will be made available directly to the Beneficiary’s current account.

According to the decision matrix in force at the bank.

The return method is 1 (one-time payment).

Note: Payment of interest in advance and payment of the credit installment on the maturity of the investment. 

The repayment of the financing must never exceed 12 (twelve) months (non-renewable).

Account domiciliation branch.

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