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Salary Credit is a product of consuming credit for workers in public and private undertakings whose salaries are domiciled at the Bank

Base salary*

(Value of credit up to 6 times the Base salary)

Stress Rate


Interest rate



Final result

Monthly Payment

See payment plan

Detailed simulation result

Value to be granted
Monthly Payment
Capital + Interest
Period Capital + Interest Amortized Capital Amortized Interest Income Capital in Debt
Base salary:
The Bank does not consider allowances or other remuneration, only the monthly base salary.
Payout deadline:
Period for credit amortization
Stress Rate:
Percentage of base salary for the payment of the provision of credit
Value to be granted:
Amount of credit possible, considering the rate of effort and the limit set for the product.
Letter of Credit Request;
Declaration of assignment of wages;
Photocopy of 3 (three) last salary receipts;
photocopy of the identity card;
photocopy of taxpayer card;
Updated certificate of residence or Address confirmation statement
Additional documentation depending on the eligibility to the Salary Credit product.
The simulation results are only illustrative. The request any funding proposal is made by delivering the documents list and eligibility conditions required for this purpose. The Bank casuistically consider the proposals and decide depending on the credit risk of each of the proposals by BAI Agency where the process was received.