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It is a medium-term credit that aims to encourage customers to mobilize existing liabilities (credit) in other credit institutions for BAI, due to the good payment history recorded in the Credit Risk Information Center (CIRC), with discounts for each year of life of the credit facility actually paid, up to 4 percentage points.

Private Customers, with monthly income greater than 250,000 Kz, with no record of credit default at CIRC, for four (4) years.

  • Discounts for credit transfer without registration of default;
  • Extension of the term of the contracted credit;
  • Speed ​​in the purchase of credit from customers at other institutions.

Case study, according to the original financing and the limit defined for the consumer credit product subscribed.

Note: BAI proposes to purchase all of the overdue capital installments contracted with other institutions due to the debt capacity.

The interest rate will be that of the contracted product, deducted by one percentage point for each year of credit compliance at the other institution, without any incident regime, up to a limit of 4 percentage points.

  • Having a domiciled salary (after transmitting the credit);
  • Legal-labor relationship with an employer (public or private) for at least 6 (six) months confirmed with an indefinite contract;
  • The Bank may consider contracts for a fixed period, provided that the term is equal to or greater than the term of the requested credit.

The domiciliation of salary must occur as soon as the debt is in the BFI (Banking Financial Institution), confirmed by a declaration of salary assignment in BAI issued by the employer.

  • Letter of credit request;
  • Financial plan for credit in the bank of origin;
  • Salary Consignment Declaration;
  • Photocopy of the last 3 (three) salary receipts;
  • Photocopy of the identity card;
  • Photocopy of the taxpayer card;
  • Updated residence certificate or Address Confirmation Statement.

a) In case the spouse shares responsibility for the Bank, the following documentation is required:
  • Spouse's consent statement;
  • Marriage certificate or statement of union;
  • Income statement;
  • Photocopy of the identity card;
  • Photocopy of the taxpayer card.

b) The Address Confirmation Statement must be filled out only if:
  • The Client does not provide proof of the current address (Residence Certificate, water, electricity or telephone bill);
  • The address indicated on the identification document does not correspond to the Customer's current address.

c) Attach a copy of the declarant's identification document and proof of residence to the Address Confirmation Statement;

d) The Branch must add the updated Account Opening Form to the credit process.
  • Life insurance (with automatic debit authorization for policy settlement);
  • Consignment of salary at BAI until the fulfillment of the responsibilities to the Bank.
  • If the guarantee to be presented differs from that referred to, supplementary documentation will be indicated by the Bank.

It can, depending on the credit product subscribed, eg: BAI Personal Credit.

The guarantor should preferably be a BAI customer, otherwise, the declaration of suitability issued by the BFI (Banking Financial Institution) where the income is domiciled must be submitted, and the creation of the guarantor entity at the Bank is mandatory for our registration or providing another real guarantee with 100% coverage.

The Bank will debit the monthly installments of capital and interest directly from the borrower's salary account, according to the debit authorization granted by them in the respective contract, on the same day or on the first business day after transfer made by the employer remuneration for that account.
Yes, there are. According to the BAI Operations Price List in force, referred to in the consumer’s credit table.
In credit products, VAT has replaced stamp duty. Previously, 0.7% were charged in fees in price lists, now 14% VAT will be charged.

Not more than 30% of the monthly base salary earned by the client.

In the spouse's reimbursement, the effort rate is calculated on the household's income.

No, if the effort rate allows, the client must request another credit. This way, there will be better control over credits negotiated under the approved product line.

The effort rate corresponds to the percentage of net income (in this case the salary) destined to the payment of the credit installment (or credits). The Bank must consider other responsibilities that the interested party may have at BAI or other financial institutions. The effort rate is calculated according to the formula:

Effort rate = (Monthly financial charges / Income) x 100.

The capital plus interest repayment term is up to 5 (five) years, depending on the product subscribed.

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