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The BAI CLASSIC VISA Card is a credit card issued by BAI, associated with an account in Kwanzas that allows its holder to purchase goods and services at commercial establishments and make credit withdrawals (cash advance) at the identified ATMs and Bank Branches with the VISA symbol, in Angola and abroad.
The advantages are:
  • Administrative Control: detailed extract of all transactions carried out, with date, place of purchase and amount spent;
  • Security: in case of loss or theft of the card, the customer may request the card to be blocked;
  • Cash Advance: cash withdrawals in Angola and abroad at ATMs and bank branches identified with the VISA symbol;
  • Electronic Statement: Monthly statement;
  • One Time Password (OTP): Authentication Code for Internet purchase for pages verified by VISA;
  • VISA Call Center Service (VCCS): access to VISA's Call Center service;
  • Verified by VISA (VBV): security technology for internet purchases, for both buyer and seller.
It is the internet purchase authentication code for pages verified by VISA.
The OTP is requested on the online shopping website itself, where the customer chooses how to receive the code (email or SMS).
On Visa cards the CVV consists of the last 3 digits and can be found on the back of the card.
Verified by Visa is a security service designed to make internet transactions more secure by verifying more data in addition to your Visa Card password.
Increase the security of online shopping transactions, both for buying and selling.
In Kwanzas (Kz) equivalent to 1,000 EUR (One Thousand Euros), with a maximum monthly usage limit of up to 400,000 Kz (Four Hundred Thousand Kwanzas).
The ceiling is attributed according to a Scoring Analysis carried out by the Branch, where a credit granted by the Bank is attributed.
Description Amount (Kz) No. of use
ATMs 200 EUR (exchange/day) 18
Branch 80.000 Kz N/A
Internet shopping 400.000 Kz 15
Automatic Payment Terminal (TPA) 400.000 Kz 30
  • Interest is calculated and paid monthly on a 365 (three hundred and sixty-five) day basis;
  • The borrower will be able to repay the amount due in advance, without penalty.
  • The capital will be repaid in accordance with the contract, with monthly payment on the uses made;
  • The period between the date the customer uses the card and the date of payment of the statement may be up to 55 (fifty-five) days.

Payment is made monthly at least 10% on the uses made.
In the option to pay by debit account, the customer can choose to automatically pay 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the final balance indicated on the statement.
Note: The collection of transactions is made 25 days after the issuance of the Statements, if the 25th day is not a business day it will be made on the last business day that precedes the 25th day.
Yes, there are, they are:
  • Annuity;
  • Issuance;
  • Reissue (due to expiry);
  • Replacement;
  • Cancellation;
  • Late payment; 
  • Interest Rate;
  • Withdrawal Commissions (domestic and international);
  • Purchasing Commissions (domestic and international);
  • Exceedance of Limit;
  • Card inhibition;
  • Tax Charge (VAT);
  • CEOB; 
  • International investigation of credit cards.

Note: Applicable in accordance with the current BAI pricing.
In credit cards, VAT has replaced stamp duty. Previously, 0.7% were charged in fees in price lists, now 14% VAT will be charged.
No, as it is a card aimed only at private customers.
The access conditions are:
  • Being a bank customer for at least six (6) months; 
  • Domiciliation of wages or income in a minimum of 3 months;
  • Having full knowledge of the general conditions of use of the card, which are found on the back of the model (MOD.010-171).
The required documents are:
  • Identity Card;
  • Income Statement;
  • Proof of the term deposit made
  • Subscriptions required from the Client and the Bank.
The deadlines are:
  • Approval: 48 horas;
  • Issuance and availability for withdrawal: 
    • 18 working days (Luanda)         
    • 23 working days (other provinces)
The card is valid for 3 (three) years.
The customer has 3 (three) options: 
  • Inform the Bank immediately, sending an email to,, so that their account is immediately blocked
  • Request the domiciliation branch to cancel the Card;
  • Call the visa support line.
Account domiciliation branch and customer support lines.

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