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The FLEX CARD is a prepaid card from the EMIS network and is a means of payment at Sonangol's Gas Stations. The card allows checking the balance at the ATMs and Automatic Payment Terminal (TPA), as well as changing the pin code at the ATM.

Private and Corporate Customers.

Cancellation and Replacement, according to the price list in force.

The advantages are:
  • Greater financial control: Issuance of cards for company employees based on vehicle supply limits;
  • Greater administrative control: Issuance of statements specifying the transactions carried out as well as date, place and the amount paid;
  • Security: In case of loss or theft of the card, the customer can request the cancellation and consequent re-issuance of the card;
  • Economic: Free of any charges for card ownership and use.
The necessary conditions are:
  • Being a BAI customer; 
  • Filling out the Membership Agreement;
The required documents are:
  • Identity card for nationals;
  • Passport or Resident Card for foreigners;
  • Public institutions;
  • Organic Statute or order of creation of the supervising ministry;
  • Order to appoint the person in charge of the institution;
Letter of request, for companies and institutions, mentioning:
  • Ceiling;
  • Number of cards required;
  • Amount to be allocated on each of the cards;
  • Employee name, vehicle registration or area to be which the Flex card must be assigned (for personalization purposes).

Employee registration form with the following information:

  • Employee name, vehicle registration or area to be which the Flex card must be assigned;
  • Ceiling to be assigned;
  • Copy of the Identity Card:
  • Name to be inserted on the card (maximum 21 characters, including space and academic title).

Customized Non-customized
15 days immediate
Customized Non-customized
5 years 3 years

The card is activated as follows>
  • Non-customized card: delivered to the customer, activated.
  • Customized Card: the Customer Assistant must change the cards from “awaiting confirmation” to“normal”status, upon delivery.
The card is topped-up by the Branch according to the amount indicated by the customer in the letter (Companies or Institutions), in the Membership Agreement or in the Employee Registration Form.