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questions about BAI Current Account
The BAI Salary Account is a consumer credit associated with the Salary Account for employees.
1. Access the following solutions:
a) Cheques issuance: making checks available for cash payment orders, in a practical and secure way; 
b) Bank Transfers: handling resources in a convenient way for any beneficiary (inter and intra bank transfers); 
c) Bank Statements: upon request, the Bank issues account and equity statements for better control;
d) Multicaixa Card: immediate and free availability to the Multicaixa network Debit Card,
with national acceptance;
e) Term deposits: provision of a range of term deposits, with competitive rates and secure conditions, aimed at making the most of the savings of its beneficiary.

2. Move your financial resources securely, flexibly and still have access to BAI's products and services, such as:
a) Access to BAI Directo:
    • Internet Banking: service of the BAI Directo channel that allows customers remote access to accounts, for consultations and transactions over the internet, from a computer, through a secure Bank page;
    • Mobile Banking: BAI Directo channel service with features that allow the Bank's offer (services and products) to be made available via mobile phone.
b) Credit Solutions: allows access to a wide range of credit solutions, including housing, cars and salary advances.
Private customers.
There is an exemption from minimum amounts for opening this account.
a) Account Maintenance Expenses;
Note: The accession to the Bank's products and services is governed by its own conditions, subscribed by the client at the time of accession.
b) Other associated costs: according to the BAI Operations Pricing in force. 
Note: The Bank may change, on its own initiative, the amount and / or fees, exemption criteria and expenses in effect at the time of contracting by subsequently changing the Bank's Price List and communicating to clients with the legal notice determined for this type of changes.
With the entry into force of VAT, some items have been replaced by VAT, namely, Stamp Duty, in which 0.7% VAT was previously charged and now it is 14%, however there are items in which the stamp duty remains (Maintenance and inactive accounts fee).
  • Being over 18 years old, or present the Declaration of emancipation duly recognized;
  • The opening of the BAI salary account is exempt from minimum opening amounts.
Account Opening Form and related documentation.
  • Identity Card, Resident Card or Refugee Card, for exchange residents, and non-exchange residents of Angolan nationality; 
  • Passport with a valid permanence visa, for non-foreign exchange residents of other nationalities (not applicable to opening online);
  • Tax Identification Card (TIN) or provisional document;
  • 1 (One) color passport photo;
  • Last pay slip or declaration from the employer referring to the function he / she performs and the income he / she receives (Employee);
  • Proof of Enrollment or Statement from the Educational Institution (Students);
  • Appointment order (Public Office Holders);
  • Enrollment in Professional Orders or Professional Certificate (Liberal Professionals);
  • Proof of income source (in any other case).

  • Client’s address: If the information about the address is not available in the identification document presented or differs from the current address, the Client must present a Certificate of residence, invoice referring to the payment of water, electricity or telephone bill or an Address Confirmation Statement;
  • Add supporting documentation (evidence) on income other than salary. 
  • Individual Account Opening Form;
  • Particular and General Conditions for Opening an Account;
  • Effective Address Confirmation Statement, when applicable;
  • Non-American beneficial owner status certificate;
  • Certification and Identification of the Tax Identification Number (W-9).