Financial application with guaranteed profitability (exclusive BAI Directo.)

The Directo Term Deposit (DP) BAI is a financial application available for subscription in Kwanzas, with interest payment at the end of the term and guaranteed profitability of the applied resources. Available for new and existing resources, exclusively on BAI Directo.


• Competitiveness of the interest rate;
• Security: Guaranty of the applied capital return and of the payment of the postponed interest;
• Only available on BAI Directo.

Access Conditions

• To be a client BAI.
• Updated contact information on the informatics platforms;
• BAI Directo. Adhesion concluded and active.


• Kwanzas (AKZ).


• Minimum of AKZ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Kwanzas).

Target Market

• Private persons and Companies.


• DP Directo information sheet;
• Reading and agreement of the subscription conditions of the product on BAI Directo.

Please check the informative technical sheet here (Pt).

For further information please contact the nearest BAI branch, Monday to Friday, from 8h00 AM to 03h00 PM.