Learn about other services we have for you.

NOSSA insurance:

NOSSA Insurance Collections service is an agreement between BAI and NOSSA insurance, so that recoveries of the insurance policies are carried out in at BAI branches.

Checks are means used to deposit and/or withdrawal values in/on own accounts or of third parties. To better serve you, we issue check books, sale of loose and certified checks.

Foreign exchange operations:
We provide services for the purchase and sale of currency to the exchange rate of the day in all branches of the Bank.

Bank transfers:
We make internal bank transfers, international and national.

Western Union:
The WESTERN UNION transfers service consists of national and international transactions, sending and receiving money.

Banking correspondent BAI:
the shipping correspondent banking Service allows sending and receiving BAI, account or cash for originators and recipients in Angola.

Opening of accounts:
BAI´s account openning service is fast and efficient. For that, simply present the following documentation:

• Photocopy of the identity card;
• Photocopy of taxpayer card;
• A passport colorfull photo;
• Minimum deposit for account opening at BAI branches:
○ Sede (Headquarters), Monumental and Avenida is AOA 20,000.00 or equivalent in USD;
○ In other agencies and Dependencies is AOA 20,000.00, or USD equivalent in USD;
• Photocopy of passport with work visa/resident alien card (for foreigners);
• In the case of accounts opened at the request of the company, for salary payments, you do not need the initial deposit;
• Civil servants are exempt from minimum amount for account opening.

For more information contact the counter BAI nearest you from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 3:00 pm.