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The BAI Salary Account is a National Currency deposit account, exempt of adhesion minimum amounts, to receive salaries, however it has no transactions restrictions for other type of credit or debit transactions.

Associated Benefits:

  • Access to the following solutions:

a) Issuance of Cheques: availability of cheques for convenient and safe cash transfer orders;

b) Bank transfers: moving resources in a convenient way to any beneficiary (inter- and intra-banks);

c) Bank statements: at request, the bank issues account and assets statements for a better assets’ management:

d) Multicaixa Card: immediate availability free of charge of the Multicaixa network Debit Card, which is accepted countrywide;

e) Time Deposit: we make available a range of time deposits with competitive fees and safe conditions aiming at capitalizing the beneficiary's savings;

  •  Moving your financial resources safely, with flexibility, additionally to the access to BAI products services, such as:

a) Access to BAI Directo:

• Internet Banking: a service of the BAI Directo channel allowing the clients the remote access to their accounts for checking and transactions using the Internet, using a computer through a bank’s safe website;

• Mobile Banking: a service of the BAI Directo channel, which features allow the Bank to make its offer available (services and products) using a mobile phone;

b) Credit Solutions: allows the access to a large range of credit solutions, including housing loans, car loans and salary advances.

Access Conditions:

  • Be 18 old or above, or submit a duly certified emancipation statement;
  • The opening of a BAI salary account is exempt from the minimum opening amounts.


  • Identity Card, Residence Card, or Refugee Card for exchange residents and for Angolan exchange non-residents;
  • Passport with valid residence permit for other exchange residents of other citizenships;
  • Fiscal Identification Card (NIF) or temporary document;
  • 1 (one) passport-type picture;
  • Last salary slips or an employer’s declaration stating the position occupied and income (employed worker);
  • Prove of enrollment or teaching institutions declaration (students);
  • Appointment dispatch (public office holders);
  • Professional bar registration or professional license (independent professionals);
  • Prove of income origin (in any other cases).


a) Client’s address: Should the client’s address not be stated on the identification document showed or differ from the current address, the client shall show a Residence Certificate, a water or energy supply invoice or telephone payment or an address confirmation statement;

b) Add the supporting documentation (supporting) of other income additional to the salary.

Please check the technical information sheet here.

For further information please contact the nearest BAI branch, Monday to Friday, from 8h00 AM to 03h00 PM.