A card associated to your your debit account,that allows you to make payments and withdraws in every ATM and TPA (posts and devices), according to your available balance.

The validation is done using the secret personal code (PIN).



Cost: The card has no annual fee or other charges for the client.
Convenience: It allows various transactions, and the client has no need to go to the bank.
Security: All transactions are PIN-validated, and its use is exclusively electronic.
Value Added Services:

  • Changing the PIN
  • Consultation of balances in the Automatic Machines (ATM) and Automatic Payment Terminals (TPA), transactions or IBAN
  • Second copy of the transaction’s receipt.

Payment of third parties’ services: water, energy, telephone, television and telephone top-up.

Access Conditions

  • To be a client BAI.


  • Identification card.


  • Kwanzas (AKZ).

Use your Multicaixa BAI Card

  • How do I check a 2nd copy of the receipt?
  • How do I transfer money?
  • How do I top-up my devices?
  • How do I pay for services?

For further information please contact the nearest BAI branch, Monday to Friday, from 8h00 AM to 03h00 PM.

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