Bancassurance BAI consists in the marketing of insurance products in the Bank´s distribution channels, in partnership with NOSSA Insurance.

The following products are available:

Life insurance;
Multi Housing Risk Insurance;
Auto Insurance;
Safe Trip.

1. Simplicity, speed and convenience in the subscription process;
2. Economic prize costs;
3. Transparency and speed in the resolution of claims.

There are three modes of sale in this partnership:

1. Credit Linked
These products are necessarily sold in association with credit products of BAI, constituting the set of guarantees requested by the Bank for a credit or financing.
Available in every BAI branch.

    2. Stand Alone
These products are standardized and easy marketing. They can be sold freely in BAI´s commercial network without having to be associated with the granting of credit by the Bank.
Available in the following BAI branches.

    3. Forwarding
Forwarding sale products are those who, due to their technical complexity, are made available to customers of the BAI and forwarded to NOSSA where all the clarification and simulations related to the hiring of the insurance will be provided and guaranteed by NOSSA Insurance.
Available in every BAI branch.

Private market and Companies (customers and not customers BAI).

Service Channel
Agencies, facilities and Business centres.

Download HERE our Bancassurance services brochure.