BAI Direct

BAI is even closer to you.

With BAI Directo, you now have at your disposal an instrument that will help you simplify your day and your relationship with BAI.
In the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are, BAI is always available to you, by phone or over the Internet.

You can now check your balance, order checks and perform other banking operations very simply: just download the BAI Direct APP from the App Store or Google Play (available at IOS and Android) or access through the top right corner of our website.

Through BAI Direct, you can access our 24h Helpline, a service that allows customers to voice their concerns, complaints and request services.
The strength, dynamism and modernity of BAI are now even closer to each other. We have to go to the nearest counter and BAI is wherever you are.

BAI Directo, 24 hours
Phone: (+244) 222 693 890 | (+244) 226 420 990

BAI even closer to you.