A prepaid card from the EMIS network, used as
a payment method at Sonangol's Gas Stations.

Financial control
Top-up your FLEX with the ceiling you want
Avoid the circulation of large sums of money
Fleet management
For greater management of your company's expenses
FLEX Card:
Main features
  • Fuel
    A specific card for your fuel costs
  • Sonangol Service
    The card is valid at all Sonangol service stations
Flex Prancheta 1 Cópia 3
  • Convenient and flexible
    A payment option different from the others available on the market
  • Secure
    Control your monthly budget more easily
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Have you lost your card?
In case of loss or misplacement of your FLEX Card you must report it immediately.
Call (+244) 222 641 849.
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